Fanning the Flames

Urban Rescue Los Angeles Kyle Ng

FIVE years ago we wrote a song that finally let the Lord know we wanted to be a part of his revival over our bodies, our families, our cities, our nations and our world. We asked that God would "fan the flame and take control like a WILD FIRE..." We played this song before it was even released at Forest Home Christian Camps for a college retreat.

And our lives have never been the same. 

We see our new album, WILD HEART, as a declaration that we are choosing to run freely after the God that choose to free us. These 11 songs have been brewing over the last five years and we could not be more happy to share them with you.

 We pray that these songs will be an anthem to your revival, like they have been for us. We are asking you to JOIN US in this wild race.

JOIN US as we continue to explore and encourage one another towards revival.

Question: Does your life look like a WILD FIRE for the Lord? Do you realize your HEART has been freed to be WILD? Who do you know that is living with a WILD HEART?

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