Urban Rescue would not exist today if we would have never asked for help. Just 5 years ago we were without a label, without a savings, and without much exposure outside Southern California.

All we had were a handful of songs and a deep sense calling to resource the Church with a new sound. So we decided to take the very vulnerable step of asking our friends and family for their support. To our astonishment, within 30 days, we Kickstarted over $20,000 to record our first full length album, Listen Empty. 

Every now and again I’m struck by an artist on a similar path: Loads of talent and passion, a clear calling to serve the Church, yet without the resources they need to fulfill their Kingdom dream.

I first met Hector Jimenez (aka “Mister”) in our church small group. He’s the kind of the guy that when you first meet him you think, “Oh, this guy is going to change the world.” Little did I know that Mister had a deep well of music resonating within him combined with one of the most refreshing voices I have heard in a long time. 

I want to introduce you to MISTER because the world not only needs to hear his incredible voice but the Church needs more fresh music like the EP he is currently working on. Our friendship has made me a better person, husband, and worship leader. His relationship with God is real and he has pursued his craft and calling, despite some incredible odds.

Would you consider supporting MISTER with me?

Let's continue to rally around artists like MISTER and ensure that the next generation of the Church is led by tender, compassionate leaders who are wholeheartedly following after Jesus regardless the cost.