I've been listening from afar for thirty years; your anthems and your lullaby's, whispering like hurricanes from across the sea. Your sound, your beauty, your angst - they have always resonated. Volcano. Kite. Say It To Me Now. Chasing Cars. Joy of Nothing. They're a part of me, like chapter titles in the unfolding tale of my life.

Jordan Frye_Ireland_UrbanRescue

This wild rendezvous, this island, has felt like a walk-about with an old friend. Everything in common, so much to catch up on, yet at a total loss of where to begin. Visiting your coast felt much like the coast where I live, just a little quieter, and a little wilder. It's the kind of place one could write a thousand songs, and maybe a couple more.

Playing music in this country has been beautifully treacherous, like scaling a mountain, in the shadows of giants who've climbed before me. Yet music must always overcome fear. Music must always destroy our darkest demons, and I pray I might be so bold, so courageous, so determined to climb as you have. May I choose to give back what you've given me all these years.

Cheers to the first of many more walks together,